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Frequently Asked Questions

Why CallingCube™? 

We believe that the only way for you to differentiate yourself in today’s overcrowded marketplace is to stand out from the crowd. 

We believe that normal business cards are boring and blend in with all the others.

The patent-pending, 3D-printed CallingCube is different. Its bold and unique design stands out and shows off your creativity. 

Don't end up in their trash can. End up on their desk!

Is the CallingCube meant to replace my normal business cards?

The CallingCube is not a replacement for your normal business cards. Instead, it's designed to be given to your most important clients and contacts. 

Will the CallingCube™ make me more physically attractive? 

No, but showering certainly will.

Does the CallingCube feel like a normal business card?

Unlike flimsy paper business cards, the CallingCube is hollow and solid feeling. It features standard indented text for a premium weight and feel.

Will the CallingCube™ fit in my wallet?

That would be some wallet. 

Options include keeping several in your messenger bag, backpack, man-bag, briefcase or purse. But always keep a few on your desk because your potential clients will want one. 

What is the size of a CallingCube™?

The standard CallingCube is just shy of 1"x1"x1" 

For reference, each side is the size of a U.S. quarter.

Is the CallingCube™ durable? 

Yes, much more durable than the average business card. But as Kryptonite is to Superman, so is water and sustained sunlight to the CallingCube.

Are there additional setup charges for my order? 

No! There are zero initial setup charges.* We think some things in life are better free.

((*Initial design (+ one revision) is included in the price. $30 per additional revision)).

Are samples available?

Yes, a sample cube is available HERE. This option includes free shipping to the U.S. We are confident that once you see the CallingCube in person, you'll be hooked.

How long after placing an order before I receive my initial design?

You'll receive an image of the initial design via email for your critique within 5 business days of placing an order. 

How is my CallingCube set shipped?

Shipping charges are free to anywhere in the USA.  Flat rate charges will be added to international orders depending on size. Your order will usually ship within 7-10 business days upon design approval. We ship via USPS or carrier pigeon. If you have a specific shipping requirement, please email us and we will do our best to accommodate.

How is my CallingCube set packaged? 

We ship your order in plastic trays, and each tray contains pockets for individual CallingCubes. Not only does this packaging ensure that your order arrives undamaged, it also allows you to conveniently transport and store your CallingCubes until needed. 

How is the CallingCube™ crafted

Traditional manufacturing requires the production of many units to keep the price per unit affordable. Our new patent-pending CallingCube utilizes a breakthrough manufacturing process, known as 3D printing, that allows us to create small batches of your custom made CallingCube in monochrome or full color. 

Keep in mind that your CallingCubes are hand finished and may differ very slightly in appearance. 

Where do you make them

Each CallingCube is crafted in the great U.S. buckeye state of Ohio.

Is the CallingCube edible? 

No! Death is inevitable. In all seriousness, our products are not intended for children under the age of 12 or be used as toys. These days, kids prefer an iPad® anyways. Please contact us to request our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). 

Why the name CallingCube™?

Calling-card, CallingCube, tomato, tomahto. 

What is your return policy?

If we made an error with your order, you can return your items for a refund or exchange within 7 days of receiving your order. Please be sure to include your name, email address or order number so we can process your refund efficiently. Return shipping is the customer's responsibility. Original shipping charges are not refundable.

Can I cancel or change an order that I have already placed? 

If we haven't yet started production of your order, we'll gladly make adjustments to your order, including quantity.* If you cancel your order before production begins, you'll receive a full refund, excluding revision fees if more than two revisions have been completed.* If production is in progress or already completed, then we're unable to cancel your order. 

((*Initial design (+ one revision) is included in the price. $30 per additional revision)).

Is my email and credit card information kept confidential and secure?

Your payment information is 100% secure and is processed without any human interaction. We do not sell, trade or release our customers names, email addresses or physical addresses to anyone. 

What's the mission of your company?

Our mission is (1) To run our business in harmony with God's laws, and (2) To focus on people more than money.

What other unique marketing products can you make for me?

Just about anything. Make your ideas a reality through our sister company, 3D Bakery LLC. Visit for more information.  

I have another question and/or need a more detailed answer.

Don't hesitate to contact us.

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